Wonder Camp: Spring 2018

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Victoria Smith
Victoria Smith
Founder of The Mojo Lab | Heart Whisperer & Enchantment Guide

About the instructor

Hi there.

I’m Victoria Smiththe resident wonder mystic, wild-wise woman and chief mischief-maker at the Mojo Lab. I'm all about soft wildness, creative magic & lattes.

All of my offerings are infused with meaning, wonder, adventure, and soft wildness (and yes, a little pixie dust, too). At their heart, my classes and programs help you to connect more richly with your inner wisdom, intuition, and creative spirit, as well as the natural world around you. Because that’s where the real magic and adventure begins.

Come hop over the hedge with me. The richest path lies just beyond...

You'll find more details about me, my background, and my work on my About page at TheMojoLab.com.

You're invited to attend Wonder Camp
 ~ a six-week adventure in creative magic.

Wonder Camp is a soul-nourishing adventure for rediscovering what enchants you most and makes you glow.
  It's a softly wild path of magic, creativity, and wonder that leads you home to your heart and soul again and again.

Your invitation has arrived!

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 (Magical Naturalist First Class, Hedge Hopper-in-Chief, Facilitator of Delight & Wonder-Making, Order of Heart Whisperers)

Dear Enchanting Wild One,

I am delighted to inform you that you have been accepted at the Softly Wild Wonder Camp of Creative Magic. No, there's no mistake. This invitation is addressed specifically to you. You see, I've had my eye on you for some time and I am absolutely certain that my instincts are correct about you. You are a creative, magical, wild-wise woman with a softly wild heart and spirit who craves some delicious you-time to refresh and nourish your own innate creative magic and spark. The twinkle in your eye tells me you're ready to hop the hedge with me and embark on a new adventure into the soft wildness of the fields, forests, mountains, and shores of your croí baile, your heart home. This is where your enchantment dwells.

This is the path of the magical naturalist and I can see your creative magic is waiting, ready for some new inspiration, tools, and practices to let it shine even brighter. Let's ignite our inner glow of wonder together, shall we? Once lit, you know how to easily tap into what enchants you most and can return to it whenever you need to refresh and recharge.

Our adventures take place somewhere-that's-else, and our basecamp is accessed online. No, you won't find our camp's location on any map in the mundane world.  Since our wonder campers live all around the world, I've conjured up a secret online portal for crossing the hedge to our campsite. This means you can pop in and out as needed from wherever you are. Isn't that marvelous?

Please find enclosed our itinerary, a list of necessary supplies, and other details your delightfully curious mind will undoubtedly want to know.

Yours in wild magic and wonder,



Our Itinerary

We're exploring four mythic landscapes of our croí baile,
our heart home where our enchantment dwells:

 Serenity Cove, Forest of the Heart, the Mystic Mountains, and Firefly Meadows.
 The path through each is full of discovery, insight, delight, and wonder.

Week 1: Hedge-Crossing & Pre-Adventure Prep

Once we hop the hedge together, we'll begin as all seasoned adventurers of the enchanted wilds love to do...by setting up camp (magically, of course). We'll spend some time this week settling in, getting to know each other, reconnecting with our own soft and wild magic, and preparing for the journey ahead. We'll be choosing and setting up our Field Notebooks, gathering inspiration, casting intentions, going over some key Wonder Camp concepts, and mapping out the path through the landscapes we'll be exploring together.

Week 2: Serenity Cove

In the second week, we travel westward to the first of our hearts' enchanted landscapes: Serenity Cove. This is a sheltered and secret shore where we lay down our burdens and refresh ourselves. We'll explore, bathe in moonbeam-lit waters, dive into delicious self-care, celebrate our blessings and accomplishments, release what no longer serves us, and rejuvenate ourselves. This is where we refresh and reconnect ourselves with our own elemental waters of creative magic within. We'll breathe deep, nourish our spirits, play, and explore ways to refill our wells with joy and gratitude in the shimmering, luminescent waters of Serenity Cove.

Week 3: Forest of the Heart

The third week finds us journeying north into the Forest of the Heart. This landscape holds the enchantment of small magics, comforts, rhythms, simple pleasures, and sweet rituals to root ourselves in the delicious earthy magic of our everyday lives. We'll wander along the sun-dappled forest paths of our heart, gathering what nourishes and delights us as we go. We'll ground ourselves in the richness and enchantments of hearth and home, tending what we love, and making creative magic with our hearts and hands.

Week 4: Mystic Mountains

This week, we journey east to the starry heights of the Mystic Mountains and the sacred peaks of illumination. This is the heart-realm of inspiration, visioning, thought, intention, creativity, desire, and divination. We'll be reconnecting with the Element of Air here in the sparkling aerie of our hearts. We're taking an expansive view, letting our intuition and inner wisdom fly free to guide us, dancing on the winds of inspiration, breathing fresh air into our creativity, riding the currents of joy and possibilities, and giving flight to our heart's desires and dreams.

Week 5: Firefly Meadows

In the fifth week, we turn to the Firefly Meadows in the south. Ah, what a fiery, magical landscape this is! It's the heart-realm where curiosity, enthusiasm, delight, and wonder light the way. We'll dance along the creek banks, wildflowers, and meadows, capturing the sparks of what lights us up, crafting our own glittering adventures big and small, and getting our glow on from the inside out. This is where our ideas catch fire and we play in the fields of co-creation and inspired action. Best of all, this landscape of our heart is where we naturally shine brightly in the world with our own authentic and unique light.

Week 6: Bringing Your Enchanted World to Life

In our final week together, we gather together the treasures we discovered during our adventures to craft our own enchanted worlds ~ where we thrive, grow, and live aligned with our hearts and souls in a daily state of wonder, soft wildness, and magic. We'll play, celebrate, and chart the path forward with a clear eye, a refreshed spirit, a grounded presence, a kindled curiosity for the enchantment that surrounds us, and a renewed connection with Mama Nature and our own creative magic. Yum.

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What You Receive

Magical Camp Deliveries

You'll receive fresh deliveries of camp lessons and materials online twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays). I'll send you an email on those days with a link to the new material posted in our private Wonder Camp classroom. I've designed Wonder Camp with the intention of giving you a more flexible pace and downloadable resources and tools you can bring along wherever your adventures may take you. I think you're going to love how the tools, practices, and resources you'll be exploring weave together into a beautiful whole.

Field Guides to Wonder

Every explorer in the wilds will tell you that having a solid written field guide to orient you to new landscapes is pure gold. With that in mind, you'll receive a richly illustrated field guide for each of the landscapes we're exploring together. Each is chock full of information, practices, key concepts, and adventure invitations for you. They form the core of our journey together each week. The Field Guides are downloadable PDF files, which means you can peruse them on your computer or mobile device with ease, or print them out to take along on your adventures in the wild (and not-quite-so-wild) places of the world.

Videos & Audios

Yep, Wonder Camp is blessed with all the magic of multi-media within its borders. Fabulous, right? We may be exploring the soft wildness of our hearts through enchanted realms, but we also have all the delights of the internet and the modern technologies of magic at our fingertips as well. And I'm making good use of them in Wonder Camp. Each week you receive some audio and/or video magic such as guided audio visualizations and stories you can download, plus video visits from me with an introduction to each week's realm, tutorials, and other goodness.

Creative Magic Playbooks

If you went to summer camp like I did as a kid, you'll probably remember the crafting sessions and wilderness skills classes with as much delight as I do. Along with adventuring in Mama Nature, learning to make things and how to do new things were highlights for me. And so I've crafted our own version of these camp delights with the Creative Magic Playbooks. Each playbook will have a different focus, so you'll have a variety of delightful new things to explore and try. Yep, we'll be doing some actual crafting (with a magical spin, of course) and there will be some enchanting new skills to learn and tools to try out as well.

PSA: Should you be feeling artistically nervous, let me assure you that you do NOT need any special arts or crafts skills for Wonder Camp. This is about exploration and discovery, and the sheer joy of bringing intention and creativity together to create magic. It has nothing at all to do with prior experience, skill, or perfection. You'll be fine, I promise. Pinky swear.

The Wonder Campfire: Safe Space & Sisterhood

We have our own private group on the Wonder Hub, the Mojo Lab's new MightyNetwork I created solely for our community. It's where we'll share our adventures, laugh, swap stories, inspire, and support each other. I provide prompts and inspiration along the way and dive into the conversations and sharing right along with you. One of the things I love most about the courses and programs I lead is the amazing community of sparkling women that gather together around them. It's truly one of the most magical and heart-warming parts of the whole experience for all of us.

Key 3

Basic Supplies You'll Need

The list below will give you a good idea of the supplies you'll need for Wonder Camp. It isn't exhaustive of all possibilities, but covers the essentials. The key here is to stay within your comfort zone. I'm a firm believer in reusing and repurposing as much as we can from what we already have on hand. Should you want to buy a few things, you can certainly keep this very low-cost with a bit of creativity and intention.

Field Notebook

Your Field Notebook is a key tool you'll use throughout Wonder Camp and beyond. You'll be using it to document your adventures, collect inspiration, journal, and do the course exercises. You'll receive detailed info and links to trusted sources for choosing your Field Notebook in the Welcome email once you register. 

Craft & Adventure Supplies

Basic office supplies like tape, a glue stick, scissors, and some magazines for clipping inspiring images will also be needed. Also, you may want some kind of art media (e.g., watercolor or acrylic paints, colored pencils, pastels, colored markers, crayons, or whatever sounds fun to you) and a few sheets of suitable paper. 

Other Helpful Supplies (totally optional)

If you have a deck of oracle or tarot cards, they'll come in handy. If you've not worked with them before, but are interested in exploring them a bit, I encourage you to explore some oracle decks (in person at a store if possible) and pick a deck that includes nature or magical imagery that enchants you. We'll be doing a bit of smudging/energy clearing as well, so a small bundle of sage (or sweetgrass, palo santo, or smudging/clearing material of your choice) and a candle will be helpful to have on hand.

Why Wonder Camp?

During the winter last year, I kept thinking about the joys of summer camp when we were young (blame it all on the long and extra-rainy winter we had here in Oregon in 2017). Memories of summer camp brought to mind adventures, exploration, play, friends new and old, and new places and treasures in Nature to discover. It was a time to step outside of our daily life at home, school, and our regular habits and routines. We reconnected with Mama Nature, made things with our hands, gained wonderful new skills, adventured in the wilds, swam in lakes, chased fireflies, told ghost stories until the wee hours, and generally had a fabulous time.

The thought kept nagging me: why should the joys of summer camp be reserved for kids, or just for summer for that matter? Though as grown women with responsibilities, it isn't easy to hightail it to camp for weeks at a time. I get that and it's the same for me.

And so ... Wonder Camp was born.

We all need to step away from "the world that is" from time to time to reconnect with our true selves, our inner wisdom, intuition, dreams, and Mama Nature in deeper and richer ways. Reconnecting in a spirit of play, adventure, and exploration helps us to follow our own lights with more ease and joy. When we give ourselves that space and freedom to explore and receive new inspiration and enchantment, we get even clearer about who we are, where our growth edges are, and what we desire most now and for the future.

From that grounded, connected place we're better able to co-create the enchanting world around us we want to inhabit, the work we want to do, and the creativity we crave to express. 
We're able to more easily re-member our truths and desires, and have them infuse our lives from that rich place of self-discovery, delight, wonder, and belonging.

In Wonder Camp, we're coming together to breath deep, soften our pace, connect, replenish, dream, seek out wonder and delights, wrap ourselves in enchantment, and come home to ourselves, our heart homes, once again. We're making some delicious new magic together. And oh, how you'll glow.

love note

Love Notes

"Wonder Camp took me through a process of self re-discovery that I so needed.  Signing up is just what I needed to crack open the hard shell created by the real world.  It reconnected me to Mother Earth, and through the exercise of imagination, re-awakened the Earth Child within me that has been sleeping all these years, waiting to be awakened and feel the joy of just being.  I love the interaction with other Wonder Campers, sharing what we found, what we created, and anything else magical along the paths.   I love that I was able to download everything I needed so I can revisit any of the landscapes when I need.  I pick up the field notebook and instantly have a sense of peace and belonging like "Oh, you've returned.  Lets play ".  The creation goes on, the joy is at my fingertips, a smile is upon my lips, and Mother Earth is right outside my door.   Thank you thank you thank you." ~ Elaine P.

"Victoria's exceptionally nurturing, imaginative,  flexible, and sunny nature, combined with her highly engaging writing style, made Wonder Camp a pure delight from start to finish.  It was clear that she genuinely cared about each and every participant, which made our journey all the sweeter. Best of all, I now have a treasure trove of highly personalized tools and wisdom that I can carry with me always, and that will serve me especially well when I'm in need of encouragement during challenging times."  ~  Claire S.

"When I read my invitation a smile broke out on my face like I hadn't seen in quite a while: "here was something just for me!" I began this magical journey hoping to reconnect with my inner self, Mother Earth, and perhaps make some friends. I was not disappointed! Victoria guided me to worlds where I could find my joy, explore the "realmaginary" world around me, and spend time with intelligent, friendly women. The activities were varied, yet complementary, interactive and free flowing. The guidance from our leader was always positive. Wonder Camp was authentic and inspiring, and I've returned feeling just that way. I am so looking forward to my next "Wonder"-ful adventure!" ~ Margaret T.

"I wanted you to know Victoria, that through you and Wonder Camp (and all of your courses really) I am reveling in finding the magic, wonder and gratitude of every day. I look up and watch the sky throughout my day. I notice what I notice now more deeply. Your audios and videos soothed my soul and each day when I received my email from you, I would stop whatever I was doing and immerse myself in the magic that took me to my heart's home. Through you, I've learned and love to set intentions, for my day, for my week, for my new path I am walking. I've merrily ordered up recommended books from the reference list and watched more than a few movies for the first time in a long time. I printed out the course and it sits in pride of place at my perch at my kitchen table and I read parts every day. I am thankful that I found you and your wonderful classes Victoria, all of them. I truly (and profoundly) felt that I have now stepped through that gate in the hedgerow and I thank you for that." ~ Dianne W.

"Sometimes I get lost.  I forget everyday magic.  Wonder Camp is the retreat that I conjure up in my mind when I am heavy with the stuff of life. My experience in Wonder Camp was a gentle boot camp for honoring my deepest self while naturally shifting my perspective from a worn out "ugh" to the hum of cozy magical engagement with mundane reality.  Now, when I notice I've gotten lost in the daily grind, I remember "wonder" and my heart warms up like a kid who is excited about whatever life is offering.  There really is magic in the mundane if we only remember to look for it.  Victoria's Wonder Camp just makes it so much easier to find."

~Stephanie Foley


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Q&A for Curious Magical Campers

Does Wonder Camp meet at specific times?

No, that's the beauty of this kind of e-course. New lessons/adventures are posted twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays), so you can do them whenever is best for you. We have a private Wonder Camp group on the Mojo Lab's new Wonder Hub where we'll hang out and share our adventures around the virtual campfire. You can pop in and participate whenever works best for you. And yes, the community part of this is optional, but I encourage everyone to join in since that's where we connect and share.

Are there prerequisites? Do I need to take the Softly Wild Course first?

No and no. You don't have to have any previous experience, classes, or skills to take and fully enjoy Wonder Camp. I'll meet you right where you are, no worries.

Is this different than the Softly Wild E-Course?

Yes, it's an entirely different course than the original Softly Wild E-Course I lead. It's all-new material and a brand new adventure on the Softly Wild Wonder Path. 

Is this different than the Wonder Club?

Yep, it definitely is. The content is completely different than the year-long Wonder Club program.

Who can participate in Wonder Camp?

Women 18 years of age and older. Sorry guys! (Maybe I'll do a program that includes men too at some point, you never know.)

Do I have to be "Artistic" to participate?

Nope, not one bit. We will be doing some magical crafting during Wonder Camp, but rest assured that no special skills, experience, or artistic talents are needed. 

What do I need to access the Wonder Camp materials?

You'll need email and high speed internet access with the ability to watch videos and listen to audio files on a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Much of the Wonder Camp material (PDF documents and audio files in particular) will be downloadable. So knowing how to download a document and save it (or having someone to help you on your end) will be helpful to get the most of out of adventures together. You have the choice to simply read the PDF guides and playbooks electronically on your computer/tablet or you can print them out  if you'd like to work with them in hard copy. It's totally up to you.

Do I have to join the private group on The Wonder Hub?

Nope, you don't. The community part of this is totally optional, but I encourage everyone to join in since that's where the connections, sharing, conversations, and support happens. Most importantly, do what feels right for you.

Will anyone outside of our course be able to see our posts in our private community group?

No. Our private group on the Wonder Hub (the Mojo Lab's new private MightyNetwork site) is super safe space. Only fellow Wonder Sisters in Wonder Camp will be able to see our posts. 

Have a Question?

I'd be delighted to help. Please feel free to contact me.

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We're hopping over the hedge into the enchanting mysteries and magic that lie beyond.
 Are you with us?

Wonder Camp over the hedge

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Course Contents

1 Video
36 Texts
20 PDFs
40.0 hrs


Yay! You're in! Welcome to Wonder Camp