Registration is now closed: Softly Wild Summer 2017

An enchanted journey of discovery and wonder ~ we begin May 29, 2017! | Led by Victoria Smith


Registration is now closed for the Summer session.

Softly Wild is a six-week journey for discovering a more soul-centered way of being and doing in your life that feels natural, creative, and nourishing. It's a path for those who hunger for more meaning, magic, and soft wildness in their days.

Softly Wild collage

There is a confidence and clarity that come when we reconnect with
our own personal magic and Mama Nature. The path opens in front of us and
we are once again in touch with the mystery and wonder
that surrounds and infuses our lives. ~ Victoria Smith

What to expect

An Enchanting Adventure of Discovery & Support

An online course that's more of an experience and shared journey rather than a classroomy kind of course. We'll walk this path together and I'll be there every step of the way. Consider me your guide and field companion on this spirited expedition.

Beautiful & In-depth Lessons

Rich lessons delivered to you online four days each week (M, T, Th, F), each one designed and written with soul and love. Sprinkled throughout will be a variety of audio and video recordings to keep things lively. You'll receive a new Quest Invitation in every lesson so you can explore the Softly Wild concepts, tools, and practices in your own way and on your own schedule. All of the lessons are hosted here in our online classroom so you'll never miss a thing.

Invitations to Dive Deep

Journaling prompts, guided visualizations and meditations, and a variety of activities to unleash your creativity, intuition, and visioning ~ all designed to let you dive as deep as you desire.

Safe Space & Community

A private Facebook group where the Softly Wild sisterhood gathers together to share our adventures, inspiration, and insights. Consider this our online field camp where we pitch our virtual tents and gather around the campfire each day to chat, laugh, and support each other along the way.

Sacred Play & Spirited Exploration

Whimsy and playfulness woven through the lessons and exercises. Sacred play (and a touch of magic) is an important part of this adventure. The quests provide form and inspiration for your own reflection, exploration, and discoveries ~ and a variety of creative ways to express your Softly Wild Spirit.

Tools, Practices, & Resources

Introduction to core Softly Wild concepts and an array of essential tools, practices, and resources to help you reconnect with your magic and integrate the lessons into your daily life (and work).

Our itinerary

Week 1: Soft Entry & Expedition Prep

During the first week, we prepare for the adventure together ~ choosing our Field Notebooks, going over Softly Wild concepts, gathering inspiration, and exploring our own personal magic.

Week 2: Your Softly Wild Body

The second week we'll take our first steps on the path by deliciously re-inhabiting ourselves through sacred embodiment. We explore body devotions, body wisdom, the care and feeding of our softly wild bodies, grounding and centering, and other deliciousness.

Week 3: Nature's Mysteries & Gifts

This week we're in sacred explorer mode ~ aligning ourselves with Nature, connecting with our Power Animals, opening to Nature's messengers, and identifying our own sacred space in nature.

Week 4: The Softly Wild Home

Throughout this week, we focus on our home habitats. We explore ways to make our nest a natural, sacred, and beautiful refuge ~ one that supports us and our dreams, nourishes us, and where we can feel at ease.

Week 5: Your Softly Wild Spirit

During the fifth week, we explore a variety of Softly Wild practices for tuning in to our inner wisdom and intuition...and connecting more deeply with Nature's mysteries, wisdom, and healing energies.

Week 6: A Softly Wild Life

In this final week of the course, we draw the threads from our journey together. We explore ways to creatively express and honor our Softly Wild Spirit at work and in the world ~ and cultivate practices to keep the magic going after the course ends.


Does the class meet at specific times? No, that's the beauty of this kind of e-course. Lessons are released four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) and you can do them at whatever time is best for you. We have a Softly Wild Facebook Group where we'll interact together and share our adventures around the virtual campfire, but there are no specific times we'll meet there. You can just pop in and participate whenever works best for you. And yes, the Facebook part of this is optional, but I encourage everyone to join in since that's where our community meets (and where the fun, sharing, and support happens).

Will anyone outside of our course be able to see our posts in the Facebook Group? No. Our Facebook Group is safe space. Once class begins, our Facebook group is set to "Secret" status, which means no one outside of our group will see our posts or even be able to see that the group exists.

Are there required course materials? You'll need email and high speed internet access for the duration of the course. Outside of digital access, you will primarily need a sturdy bound notebook (a hard cover composition book works beautifully for this). This is a key tool we use throughout the course. You'll be using it to document your adventures, collect inspiration, journal, and do the course exercises. Basic office supplies like tape, a glue stick, scissors, and some magazines for clipping inspiring images will also be needed. We'll be working with smudging/energy clearing as well, so a small bundle of sage (or sweetgrass) and a candle will be helpful to have on hand.

Victoria Smith
Victoria Smith
Founder of The Mojo Lab | Life Alchemy Coach & Creative Magic Maker

Hi there.

I’m Victoria Smith, a life alchemy coach, intuitive guide, and the resident wild-wise woman at The Mojo Lab. Through my coaching and courses, I help women reconnect with their inner wisdom and intuition, as well as the natural world around them, so they will always know where their true north lies. I help them clarify their vision for their lives and move forward with inspired action to create it. Supporting women in visioning and transition is my specialty.

I’m deeply committed to supporting women in finding their authentic path, connecting with their divine gifts, and creating the soul-satisfying lives they desire. And did I mention we have a heck of a lot of fun along the way? Yep, spirited play is woven through everything I do ... well, that and chocolate.

You'll find more details about me, my background, and my work on my About page at

Have questions? I'd be delighted to answer them. Please feel free to contact me at


Yay, you're in! Welcome to Softly Wild!