Magical Reads Book Club

an online book club and community for women who adore enchanting books | Led by Victoria Smith


Introducing the Magical Reads Book Club for women who adore enchanting books!

There's something special the women who gather at The Mojo Lab all seem to share and that's a love of enchanting books. Our most lively thread in our Inner Circle Facebook group each month is our Magical Reads round-up where we share what books we've read and which we loved the most. Those posts keep our respective to-be-read lists long and happy. So naturally, the idea to create an online book club began growing in my imagination. And now I'm beyond delighted to announce that our Magical Reads Book Club is launching. Registration for joining is open and we're getting started. Woohoo!

The books we'll read

Our theme is Magical Reads, so we're focusing on books with a magical twist such as magical realism, time travel, mythic, urban fantasy/paranormal, YA (young adult). Basically, any book-length work of fiction with a touch (or a heaping dose) of enchantment is fair game. We're keeping this club to fiction for the time being and will see how it evolves.

We won't be reading any horror, dystopian, psychological thrillers, or other super dark, nihilist-type books. The point of the group is to share enchanting books—by that I don't mean we'll be focusing on uber fluffy-bunny brain candy, but we'll steer clear of anything so dark, terrifying, or filled with despair we want to fling ourselves in front of oncoming traffic for relief.

Why a book club?

I wanted a way for us to come together in community and share our love of enchanting books. To slow down a bit and step outside of our regular every day life to savor good books and conversations about them. As women who love to read, we can blaze through books rapid-fire (sort of like serial speed dating ;), seldom relishing the language, characters, plot, and settings (my hand is raised here). The MRBC gives us the opportunity (and encouragement) to spend a bit more time between the pages of at least one enchanting book each month, as well as thinking and chatting about it with our book club Sisters.

How it works

*We'll nominate, vote, and select books we'll read as a group. We'll select books two months in advance so there's plenty of time to acquire the book ahead of time.

*We have a separate, private Facebook group for the club where we'll chat about the books we're reading together, and nominate and vote on upcoming books for the club.

*Once a month, we'll get on a live video call to hang out together and chat about that month's book. The video meeting service we're using (Zoom) also has a phone dial-in option so that can be handy for times you may not have computer access to join in.

*To begin, our monthly meetings will be held mid-month on Thursdays at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. If needed, we can alternate days and times from month to month to ensure as many of our members can attend live as possible.

If you can't make the call live, no worries. The calls will be recorded and I'll post a link to the recording to our Facebook group. The conversation will continue afterward in our group and you can join in there too.

Additional club goodies with your membership

You didn't think that would be it, did you? Nope. I have lots more up my bookish sleeve for you!

Monthly newsletter focusing on that month's book theme

Each month you'll receive a fun newsletter with content that explores that month's book and its theme, such as:

  • Tea pairings: links to delicious teas that evoke the theme, setting, or time of the books we're reading.
  • Adventures and activities: Fun outings (from your armchair or out in the world) and activities you can do to that relate to the book's theme.
  • Things to think about when reading the book: questions, themes, quotes, background information, and such to make your reading adventure more enjoyable.
  • Journal prompts and crafty ideas.
  • Author information, book reviews, and any other goodies about the book we're reading that will help deepen our reading pleasure.

Plus, tips, tools, and resources to enhance your reading pleasure all year round.

Secret library of club resources

I'll also maintain a secret library for us here in the Softly Wild School. We'll have our own private space here housing a quick reference for all the club information and resources. Each month I'll post a new "Chapter" that will include the book that we're reading, the meeting information and link for joining that month's video call, a copy of that month's newsletter, a link to the call recording afterward (in case you couldn't attend live), and any other club-related bits.

All of the key information will posted in our Facebook group and included in the newsletters, but having this central resource hub where everything is stored will be a handy and easy-to-navigate resource. I'll maintain the past months' modules in our secret library too, so you can go back to any of our previous months if you want to revisit them.

For the "Quiet Readers"

Okay, so all of this sounds great, but what if you're not really into Facebook or live video chats? No worries, I totally understand. You do not have to participate in either to be a part of the club. You'll have full access here in our secret library to all the material I share with our group on Facebook and should you want to simply watch the video of our book club meeting, you can. But you won't miss out on the book club basics if you choose not to. You can read the monthly book we pick and enjoy the newsletter (emailed directly to you) on your own schedule while being as quiet as you like. And you can vote on the book selections in our Secret Library, our private hub here in the Softly Wild School. I'll combine the results of our book selection polls gathered in our Secret Library and in our Facebook group so everyone has a voice and chance to participate in nominating and voting. Then the results will be posted here, in our newsletter, and on Facebook.

Membership Dues

Membership in the Magical Reads Book Club is on a monthly subscription basis ($10/month USD). You can cancel or rejoin at any time through your user account here in the Softly Wild School.

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